Haley Roisum of the Anderson Hicks Group 

  • Average runtime of ads: 7 days (the team duplicates the ads that do well and runs them for an additional 7 days on a $30 budget) 
  • Total spent since beginning to run ads: $2,347 
  • Leads received: 1,049
  • Appointments secured: 40+


“Our best-performing ads are typically just single property listing ads,” Roisum says, pointing to engaging copy that sparks customers’ curiosity as her recipe for success. “Our best ads on Command perform at a rate that’s less than $1 per lead – we pay about 4 cents per click on our best ones.” For comparison, the industry standard for CRM-based products is $8-15 per lead.

Jessica Starr of Starr Realty Group

  • Total ads run through Command (within a 72-day span): 30
  • Average runtime: 5-7 days (started experimenting with ads more than 70 days ago)
  • Total spent: $1,193
  • Leads received: 473 
  • Amount closed: $24,571.50 GCI


Starr’s team started experimenting with Facebook ads right before shelter-in-place orders began taking effect. “We’ve cut down on expenses everywhere else and dumped money into ads. We wanted to play with it and see what the results were,” Starr says. “We ran an open house ad on Facebook and three of the targeted people made an offer on it. They also had us list their homes.”

Nick Baldwin

  • Total single-property ads run through Command (within a 45-day span): 8 
  • Average runtime: 5-7 days 
  • Total spent: $220.68
  • Leads received: 158
  • Appointments secured: 12
  • Amount closed: $24,849 GCI 


Like Roisum and Starr, Baldwin has found engagement with single-property ads. “Ads advertising a list of homes in a certain town or neighborhood, such as ‘New homes for sale in …’ and ‘Most recently reduced homes in …’ are also popular,” he shares.

Jenn Brinker Real Estate

  • Total ads run through Command: 8
  • Average runtime: 4-10 days
  • Total spent: $215
  • Leads received: 167


“The spend on this ‘University City’ carousel ad was $25 and I received 33 leads, for an average cost of 76 cents per lead,” Brinker says of the above ad. “I typically always include a listing, as well as a nod to Keller Mortgage’s ZeroPlus loan product. I have recently added mortgage terms to my interests targeting, as that is one of the most highly searched terms in real estate right now.” 

These agents are living proof that taking the time to experiment on social media can yield your perfect formula for high-converting Facebook ads. By zeroing in on your ideal audience’s interests and capturing their attention with aesthetically pleasing photography and intriguing copy, you too can become an ad whiz and generate leads in a natural (and inexpensive) manner.