5 steps to successfully targeting your audience:

1. Profile your buyers. For each listing, come from a marketing mindset and draw up a detailed mental profile of the person you could see purchasing the home. Who is going to be living there?

2. Zero in on interests. While you are not able to target demographics such as age and ZIP code, targeting your audience accurately based on interests will ensure that your ad gets in front of the right people. Focus on real estate-related interests and keywords, such as ‘mortgage calculator.’

3. Think about your price point. In choosing the interests you will be targeting, think about the home’s price point. For luxury listings of homes with custom features and remodeling, adding in keywords such as ‘architecture’ and ‘design’ might help. You can also make educated guesses on the other activities a luxury buyer might be interested in, such as country clubs, wineries, or yachts. 

4. Set your parameters. Think about your budget and how you will be measuring success. How much money are you willing to spend and how many leads would it take for you to deem a campaign successful? 

5. Create engaging copy. For single property homes, don’t give everything away in the copy and don’t put the property address on the ad itself. Instead, lead with a question or encouragement that will make viewers curious to click through and learn more. For example, “Have you seen the light fixture in the living room?” or “Check out the ceilings in the master bedroom!” 

Whether you are a Facebook ad novice or simply on the market for something new, consider taking a page out of these four successful agents’ Facebook ad playbooks.