Keller Williams Philippines represented by from left,Regional Director - Marla V. Na?adiego, Controlling Principal - Steve Chien, rightmost Regional Training Manager – Anna N. Consorio, 2nd from right Manila Bay Market Center Deputy Operating Principal – Joie Pangilinan with KW Realty Inc. (middle) President, Bill Soteroff and KW Realty Inc. VP JP Lewis.


Keller Williams Philippines joined the 2019 Regional Leadership Workshop in Malaysia last November 13 to 16 with Regional Leaders from Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and the newly awarded territory, Thailand.

Keller Williams Realty Inc. holds the annual RLW for leaders to get together and share their best practices in the business.  Training modules and new developments in the operations and KW business model are likewise shared and cascaded.

The next event that will gather all KW Market Centers will be the Family Reunion in Dallas, Texas on February 13 to 18, 2020.