In every issue of OutFront, readers get a chance to meet some of the top producing agents who recently joined Keller Williams. Here's a glance at some of the most recent Head-Turners featured in the latest issue of OutFront.

Keller Williams continues to attract the best in the industry because of its models and systems that have proven to survive even the most drastic market changes, culture of sharing, worldwide expansion opportunities and, of course, the top-notch agents.

Every day, top-producing agents are turning heads as they make the move to Keller Williams.

Top agents know they can work anywhere, but they are choosing Keller Williams for the value they receive when they are here and the endless opportunities they have to build a big business and life.

The reason for making a brokerage change is personal to each and every agent. But the desire for a solution is evident in all.



Bobby Auerbach of Weston, Fla.



“I joined Keller Williams Realty because here I am able to build my brand with a team, expand it nationwide and be a profit-sharing partner with zero monetary investment.”

South Florida native Bobby Auerbach specializes in the highend luxury market of the Hollywood Beach, Weston, Golden Beach and Parkland areas.

Joining Keller Williams Realty in May 2016, Bobby admits that the transition initially concerned him, but not for long. Previously with EWM Realty International, a Christie’s affiliate in South Florida, Auerbach explains, “I assumed the Christie’s brand carried more weight than it did, especially with my clients. I didn’t realize that ‘I’ was the one carrying the weight. When I approached my clients and told them of my impending move to Keller Williams, I was surprised that not a single client knew which brokerage firm I was even with – they were with me because of me.”

At that point, there was no concern and the transition to Keller Williams became clear as day to Auerbach. Auerbach consistently ranks in the top 1 percent of REALTORS® nationwide. Closing more than $52 million in volume in 2015, he is “learning everything about Keller Williams: from models and systems to the best way to allocate my time to understanding my strengths and leveraging where I can.”



Kelly Ann Harris of Owensboro, Ky.




Kelly Anne Harris joined Keller Williams Realty in February 2016 and is thriving as an operating principal and mega agent. “I didn’t have any reservations about changing brokerages,” Harris says. “The only concern I had was how I was going to do it all.”

Harris knows that success depends on getting into business with the right people. “It’s imperative to understand who you are going into business with,” she says. “Having the right people in business can multiply your production.”

She has found that good company at Keller Williams. “At RE/MAX, I felt as though I was on an island,” Harris says. “Keller Williams is very team-centric. I remember saying to the person who introduced me to the company that I’m going to thank them for the rest of my life.”



Steve Kaer of Portland, Ore.




Steve Kaer of Portland, Ore., joined Keller Williams Realty in June 2016, having spent the last 34 years with Coldwell Banker. “The influence of Gary Keller has long pulled at me,” Kaer says. “My team looked into Keller Williams, and we realized that the company was perfectly aligned with what we believed in. The culture of teaching and learning resonated strongly, and we decided to make the move.”

Kaer is committed to providing outstanding service to every transaction. And with more than $70 million in closed volume in the last 12 months, that is a lot of service.

Attracted to the training and collaborative culture at Keller Williams, Kaer and his team are taking it all in. “As long as I’ve been in the business, I can honestly say that since I joined Keller Williams, I am learning something new every day.” Kaer says the transition to Keller Williams was very smooth for the Kaer Property Group.

“We quickly realized the powerful influence of knowing that we have all the models and systems at our fingertips,” Kaer says. “We know we can get clarity on anything, at any time from anyone. This has been paramount. In a way, it’s like having a great vacation home – it’s that feeling of knowing something really great is there for you.” Prior to joining Keller Williams, Kaer attended Family Reunion and the KW Luxury Homes Retreat. You can catch him at another KW event very soon!

“Everyone at Keller Williams is pulling the oars. My business is very much in line with Keller Williams.” - Steve Kaer