When Gary Keller wrote The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, it revolutionized the real estate industry. Today his systems and models continue to serve as the foundation for Keller Williams associates’ businesses. Family Reunion attendees got an MREA refresher this afternoon in a session entitled, “The Timeless Truths of the MREA” with Carl Battiste.

The Importance of Scripts

Presentation is all about your ability to take a leadership position with the buyer or seller. The scripts and the dialog are imperative to accomplish that.

Battiste invited a few volunteers up for a role playing exercise, having attendees take turns playing different clients or agents as well as varying personality types.

“Even though scripts might feel a bit cheesy – that’s ok,” he said after the exercise. “They are the models. Practice them, make them your own, and it’ll roll off your tongue. It will become natural. Scripts are the answers to the questions. You’d rather be practicing with a fellow associate to get it down than fumble with the client, right? We should have a script for every single line of the 'script' the buyers and sellers don’t even know they have.”


“DISC-ing” Your Clients

While we can’t fully DISC our clients, we can and should use the knowledge of it to find out their ideal communication and behavior styles. The DISC is critical in linking that lead conversion and it’s how you know how to communicate with your clients. Battiste went on to stress the importance of understanding your clients’ feelings is to lead conversion and ran through several more scenarios of varying personality types and the different ways to cater to their behaviors and needs.

“Example,” he said, “You, as a High I, can’t come in with a listing presentation, chatting all over the place to a High C. They’re going to think you don’t have the eye for detail and dismiss you right away. They’ll think you’re nice and all, just not the guy for the job. Now flip that. Say you’re the High C and you come in with a presentation 400 pages-long. There you are going through every detail of where the market’s been for the last 200 years, and you don’t even realize you lost the High I 15 minutes in.”

Battiste also discussed the importance of tracking. “Hold your dollars accountable. If you are spending money and it’s not working – STOP. You have to know where your money is coming from. Track it. ASK your clients how they found you.” He did stress however, to not get disheartened if any particular marketing strategy isn’t working. “Stick to the budget, but do give it a chance. Farming takes time. You have to invest in it. Can you imagine if corn farmers gave up on corn crop because it didn’t grow after three months? Give it a chance.”


The Organizational Model

When you reach the point where you are doing all you can possibly do in your business, you hire administrative help.

"The big mistake a lot of people make,” said Battiste, “is to first hire a buyer agent. The problem with that is you just end up busier! If you hire a full time assistant first to remove the 80 percent off your plate, then you’ve got the free time to go out and get more listings. THEN you go get the buyers agent and so on. If you don't have an assistant, you are one. Lose the limiting belief that you can't afford it. Free up your 80 percent. Just be sure you hire talent – DISC THEM! The cost of a bad hire can be horrific so look for the right person. Surround yourself with talent: talent seeks to know, talent welcomes challenges, talent pursues achievement, and that’s how you succeed through others and take your business to the next level.”